Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fraulein Annie Retro Swims!!

We're officially into May and that means summer is really not far away at all! Which means only one thing for me and that is 'how soon can I get to a beach?'

More importantly, what am I going to be wearing once I get there?!

I mentioned a while back about Frauke Nagel's new lingerie brand Fraulein Annie here, and for summer she has created the most gorgeous retro style swimwear!

Featuring a 1920's reversible sailor print and using 1950's shapes, the collection is available to suit any body shape whether you need to hide a little here or accentuate a lot more there!

Some of the styles are featured on Modcloth where you can buy them to get that perfect Pin-up girl look on the beach or by the pool.

(Buy triangle top here)
(Buy balconette top here)
(Buy high waist shorts here)

She's created a great video to promote the swimwear, featuring The Spinettes, a London based singing group with a retro 40's/50's vibe! Check it out below....!!

What will you be wearing at the beach this summer?!

Ruby Lou x