Thursday, 18 October 2012

THE COLOR RUN *5k of color running madness

Keeping with my theme of the day about colour!

So any artist/designer will tell you how colour can become an obsession when you are working on a particular project, so imagine my sheer joy at discovering this colour event in the US which takes place every year in various cities around the country! It's 'less about speed and more about getting active and enjoying a colour crazy day with friends, family and members of the community', it looks insanely fun and what an amazing way to spend a day!

I'm hoping this will come to Europe.......!!!

Ruby Lou x

Key fashion colours for Spring/Summer 2013!

Admittedly most people are still just getting their heads around Autumn/Winter 2012 and thinking of which coat to buy for November, but the fashion world is waaaay ahead of all that! Many designers are already putting to bed Autumn/Winter 2013 collections and starting work on Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Buyers, however, are looking to Spring/Summer 2013 and the new collections have all just been previewed between NY, London, Paris and Milan. On top of Vogue magazine and the like, there are also so many fashion blogs out there that cover the shows so well, I'm not about to start adding my take on it all!

However, I did find this Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2013 which I found pretty interesting, and considering that Herve Leger, Nicole Miller and Tommy Hilfiger (amongst others) took part in the Pantone report, I'd venture that the colours will be pretty key next season.

'Monaco Blue' will apparently be the colour of the season so I'm feeling more nautical fashion coming our way soon.....

Ruby Lou x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A little lingerie in Athens!

I return after another long absence!
Well summer has really been passing by so quickly and what a summer! I must say after the Queen's Jubilee in June and the London Olympics in July/August, I'm feeling quite proud to be British even if I am based in France!

Despite a busy summer for me I have found a little time for a new post. My current blog neglect has been due to working with a Greek brand called Venus Victoria who sell lingerie and loungewear. They have been really fun products to work on and the video below gives a little glimpse of the Summer 2012 collection.....enjoy!

Ruby Lou x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fraulein Annie Retro Swims!!

We're officially into May and that means summer is really not far away at all! Which means only one thing for me and that is 'how soon can I get to a beach?'

More importantly, what am I going to be wearing once I get there?!

I mentioned a while back about Frauke Nagel's new lingerie brand Fraulein Annie here, and for summer she has created the most gorgeous retro style swimwear!

Featuring a 1920's reversible sailor print and using 1950's shapes, the collection is available to suit any body shape whether you need to hide a little here or accentuate a lot more there!

Some of the styles are featured on Modcloth where you can buy them to get that perfect Pin-up girl look on the beach or by the pool.

(Buy triangle top here)
(Buy balconette top here)
(Buy high waist shorts here)

She's created a great video to promote the swimwear, featuring The Spinettes, a London based singing group with a retro 40's/50's vibe! Check it out below....!!

What will you be wearing at the beach this summer?!

Ruby Lou x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Venice carnival - amazing creativity!

I'm guilty of blog neglect again I'm afraid.
I have so much to blog about but never seem to find the time. So here is a post about Venice Carnival (yes it happened back in February and should really have been a February post, but hey, better late than never!)

It was an incredible carnival and was the first time for me so I was blown away by the creative designs of the costumes there! Many people create their costumes themselves and can spend days if not weeks making them. There were so many incredible ideas I would love to have posted all the outfits I captured on camera. But I took over 100 so I'm forced to edit!!

Enjoy the below....

These ladies all look like they stepped out of 1700 - just the mobile phone and camera that gives it away ;)

Showstopping fire-engine red!

Pierrot the clown inspiration

Chic in monochrome

Silvery and futuristic

Loving the Geisha Girl!

The whole family got involved with these outfits where mum, dad and kids were coordinated

Love this Van Gogh inspired outfit!

Window display
And a few of Venice itself in all its beauty. Couldn't resist pictures and pictures of the characteristic bridges.

The nightlife in Venice was great, Carnival season is one of the few events of the year where Italians go completely crazy and, boy, do Venetians know how to party!

Despite being Italian, the guy on the left makes me think of Lord Nelson - must be the Union Jack flag above him! And the bar in the photo on the right does indeed have lots of bras hanging from the ceiling, in case you were wondering!  
And after all that photo taking and walking the streets, a good Italian coffee and a dolce was needed!

Ruby Lou x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Lingerie love for Gilda & Pearl

I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago for a lingerie exhibition and discovered this beautiful brand while I was there. Gilda & Pearl is a gorgeous UK brand that was created in 2008 by lingerie designer Diane Houston. She named it Gilda & Pearl after taking inspiration from some of her favourite passions. Gilda is the Rita Hayworth character from the 1946 film of the same name, and pearl refers to "something which is exquisitely beautiful to look at, never mass produced". The result is stunning.

The brand has the right balance of old school glamour combined with what every modern lingerie-loving girl would want from her smalls. Personally I am a big lover of eyelash lace and it's here in abundance in the Gilda & Pearl collection.

The brand is also available as made-to-order so no mass-manufactured knickers here!

The website is stunning too with some truly gorgeous photographs to accompany each style as you can see from the ones I've posted here.

Enjoy the photos and perhaps get some inspiration for Valentine's day....?


Ruby Lou x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Minx Bikini - time for a new bikini?

Ok. So in most of Europe it's perhaps a little cold to think of buying bikinis right now, but it's certainly worth checking out this site for your future shopping reference! Especially as Minx have a fantastic competition to win a trip to South Africa later this year!

In summer last year, I was a Design Consultant for Minx Bikini, who are a young husband and wife team, helping them to develop their first collection ready for the launch. They are based in Cape Town and all their production is locally manufactured hence giving back to the local community by creating jobs for previously disadvantaged South Africans. Therefore all the bikinis are hand-finished by accomplished local artisans ensuring their high quality.

It's great to see their business take off, I think 2012 will be a big year for them!

Check out the styles below and their website at

Ruby Lou x