Friday, 20 April 2012

Venice carnival - amazing creativity!

I'm guilty of blog neglect again I'm afraid.
I have so much to blog about but never seem to find the time. So here is a post about Venice Carnival (yes it happened back in February and should really have been a February post, but hey, better late than never!)

It was an incredible carnival and was the first time for me so I was blown away by the creative designs of the costumes there! Many people create their costumes themselves and can spend days if not weeks making them. There were so many incredible ideas I would love to have posted all the outfits I captured on camera. But I took over 100 so I'm forced to edit!!

Enjoy the below....

These ladies all look like they stepped out of 1700 - just the mobile phone and camera that gives it away ;)

Showstopping fire-engine red!

Pierrot the clown inspiration

Chic in monochrome

Silvery and futuristic

Loving the Geisha Girl!

The whole family got involved with these outfits where mum, dad and kids were coordinated

Love this Van Gogh inspired outfit!

Window display
And a few of Venice itself in all its beauty. Couldn't resist pictures and pictures of the characteristic bridges.

The nightlife in Venice was great, Carnival season is one of the few events of the year where Italians go completely crazy and, boy, do Venetians know how to party!

Despite being Italian, the guy on the left makes me think of Lord Nelson - must be the Union Jack flag above him! And the bar in the photo on the right does indeed have lots of bras hanging from the ceiling, in case you were wondering!  
And after all that photo taking and walking the streets, a good Italian coffee and a dolce was needed!

Ruby Lou x


  1. WOW! Talk about some eye candy!!

    1. Thanks! It was an amazing event, didn't know where to look first!

  2. Really awesome images and costumes. :)