Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Corsets, hats and spats on the French Riviera!

A while ago I wrote about a local designer based here on the French Riviera, called Manuela who has her own creative brand called Victorian Woman which, as the name suggests, takes inspiration from the Victorian era and features incredible handcrafted items such as corsets, skirts, hats, jewellery, bags and spats. To read my original post, written back in August 2011, click here. Her brand is beautiful and all the items are handmade to order by Manuela in Cannes, France.

She returns with 3 new collections featured below:


Cherry Blossom:

Steam Punk:

                     Photos: Jean-François Romero www.jfromero.fr

Aren't they stunning? The Cherry Blossom range would be perfect for a vintage summer wedding!
Manuela also has a blog which you can follow here.
And you can follow her on Twitter here and look out for updates of new creations and designs!

Ruby Lou x


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